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as the air assaults continue in that country. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on the tough talk and the new call for action. >> reporter: dorene, thanks. here in town today, president obama said he wants libyans to finish this, meaning without obvious american involvement. the president said that's what worked best for the u.s. and for the egyptians in the egyptian crisis. and that's one more reason why he is resisting pressure to establish a u.s. military no fly zone now over libya to protect libyans, even though there's more reason today to consider that. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> reporter: president obama toughened his rhetoric after the escalation in libya. for a second day, moammar gadhafi's war planes launched attacks. near libyan rebel forces who were holding an oil region west of tripoli, the capital. no word on what, if anything, the libyan jets hit, but the
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fighter attack had to be ordered by the libyan strongman. >> the violence must stop. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave. those who perpetrate violence against the libyan people will be held accountable. >> reporter: president obama today ordered u.s. military aircraft to help evacuate foreigners from libya. but he has not ordered u.s. war planes to attack libyan war planes that take off. grounding gadhafi's air force with a no fly zone. two senators said today, let's do it. >> i argue for the no fly zone. and i think we could achieve it. >> reporter: but it would not be risk-free for u.s. pilots. >> it's not as simple as throwing up a -- moving an aircraft carrier and deploying a bunch of planes. you have to take action to make sure you have air dominance. >> reporter: action to eliminate gadhafi's defenses, his radar and missiles. action that president obama has
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not ordered. he is prepared to order u.s. forces into action quickly if, in his words, defenseless libyan civilians are trapped. i'm steve handelsman, news4. dorene, back to you. >> steve, thank you. prosecutor in germany say the killing of two usairmen in frankfurt airport may have been an act of islamic extremism. an airman from green county, virginia is one of two two killed in the shooting in germany this week. the family of first class zachary cutterback confirmed his death today. cutterback graduated from william monroe high school in virginia. a german security official says the suspect in that shooting confessed to targeting american military members. his name is arid yuka, 21 years old, lives in germany. this evening he was in court for the first time. he was ordered to be held on two
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counts of murder, and other charges. his relatives in kosovo say he is a devout muslim. authorities say he became a radical only in recent weeks. two other airmen were wounded in the shooting yesterday. the father of one of them lives near pittsburgh. he said his son was one of the lucky ones. >> took one round in the back, and he took one -- i don't know how much of his head. they said he's stable and they're going to operate on his eye today. i'm glad he's alive. >> reporter: federal prosecutors in germany are leading the investigation, but the fbi is working closely with them a u.s. investigator says it is too soon to know if the attacker acted alone. president obama is meeting with mexican president calderon at the white house, tackling a number of sensitive issues between the two countries, including trade and drug wars, raging drug battles along the border have strained relations between the u.s. and mexico. during a joint news conference today, the two leaders agreed to
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deepen their cooperation in fighting the drug cartels. they also announced an agreement designed to improve trade between our two countries. this is calderon's fifth meeting with president obama. prince william county is suing the homeland security department over an illegal immigrant charged with killing a virginia nun. the lawsuit calls for homeland security to release records on carlos monday tanno, the undocumented immigrant charged with killing a bristow, virginia nun. the county attorney says homeland security has stone walled in providing montano's record. prior to the crash, he already had two dui convictions, and was in the midst of deportation proceedings, but somehow he was released from federal custody and was given a work permit. a man who used to teach in virginia is being called the face of evil by prosecutors. his name is kevin ricks, and today he pleaded guilty to
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abusing eight boys, and video 25i7g the attacks. julie carey was in the federal courtroom where ricks entered his plea, but offered no apologies. >> reporter: these photos were taken the last time kevin ricks was in court, when he pleaded guilty to molesting a 16-year-old manassas boy, one of his former students. that case launched the fbi investigation that brought the former english teacher to federal court today, to plead guilty to seven counts of production and possession of child pornography. >> what is so disturbing and disgusting about this case is that mr. ricks held positions of trust as a high school teacher, a camp counselor, a tutor, a foreign exchange host. >> reporter: prosecutors say for more than three decades ricks used those positions to first befriend and then victimize scores of young men and boys. ricks was a 19-year-old counselor at a virginia summer camp for disabled kids when he set his sights on his first victim, an 11-year-old deaf boy.
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>> his parents were going through a divorce, he didn't have a place to live, and mr. ricks invited him to his home, ostensibly to host and abuse him. >> reporter: the pattern was repeated over and over, in virginia, maryland and even japan. it finally ended last year, when ricks was teaching at osbourne high in manassas. a parent saw his inappropriate facebook postings and contacted authorities. in a "washington post" interview, this mother said she was alarmed by e-mails ricks sent to her son's friend. but her warning to manassas school officials in 2008 weren't unheeded. >> after i read the messages, i realized, you know, it just wasn't -- there was -- there was something very, very wrong going on. >> reporter: after ricks gained his victims' trust, the crime was always the same. >> he would ply with liquor, tequila, beer, get them drunk, they would pass out. he would strip them, photograph them, fondle them, and commit other sex acts on them. >> reporter: the evidence
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collected, more than 600 photos on his computer, dozens of videotapes, and 28 journals ricks filled with graphic details of the assaults. as part of the plea deal, prosecutors also set a binding sentence of 300 months. that means the 50-year-old ricks will spend the next 25 years behind bars. in alexandria, julie carey, news4. ricks is going to be formally sentenced in may. today, fire officials say a child may have accidentally started a fire that's left him fighting for his life. the fire broke out last night in an apartment building in the 1700 block of benning road in northeast washington. paramedics had to resuscitate a 4-year-old boy pulled from the flames. investigators say it appears the fire started because the child was playing with a lighter. tonight, his continue has been upgraded to critical, but stable. two new red light cameras in the city of falls church have been very busy. in the first five weeks, those cameras issued more than 300
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citations. they're located at the intersections of broad street and annandale road, and broad street and north cherry street. they issue maximum fines of $50. which would suggest that people are running those red lights at those intersections ten times a day. some of us look forward to what happened today, because what it suggests is that spring, sure enough, is right around the corner. we're talking about cherry blossoms, folks. and today the national park service offered their best guess for when the cherry trees in washington will be in peak bloom. doug kammerer is here now with more on what could be an early bloom, huh, doug? >> yeah, it may be early, but it's going to coincide with the cherry blossom festival, which is just about three weeks away. actually, less than three weeks away. today we learned when those fabulous white and pink petals will actually look their best. the national park service
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predicts the trees will be in peak bloom between march 29th and april 3rd of this year, earlier. the park service says warm temperatures are helping to speed things up, but the bloom will still happen during the cherry blossom festival this year, set to kick off on march 26th. look at that, a gar just day last year. the park service says the trees are in good shape, despite the rough winter and being 100 years old. >> and i'm here to tell you that the trees are healthy, a lot about the wind and the storms we've had, the trees are fine. the tree crews out working on them. now the national christmas tree different fare as well, but the trees are fine. >> the cherry blossoms draw about 1 million visitors to d.c. each spring. something interesting. some of those trees are about 100 years old. they normally last only about 50 years. outside right now, definitely on the cold side. look how cold we were this morning. it didn't feel anything like spring this morning. 27 in washington. 18 in frederick.
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19 in hagerstown. that's what the temperature was when you walked out the door early this morning. now we're sitting around 34 in bred rick. 37 in sterling. manassas around 37. and to the south in fredricksburg, down around 40 degrees. satellite and radar showing some high clouds. those high clouds will continue to stream on in really over the next couple of days. so i think a lot of the sunshine we have seen over the past couple of days may be gone. expect the clouds throughout the evening into tonight, as well. low temperatures down to about 29 to 30 degrees. when you wake up tomorrow morning. then our next storm system, it's on the way. i'll show you when we can expect it, coming up. very inspiring to see the cherry blossom pictures. thank you, doug. coming up, we'll have a look at how much sex young adults and teenagers say they're really having. and a discovery during a tunup that led to a lawsuit against the fbi. newt gingrich made an announcement about whether he wants to make a move to pennsylvania avenue. we'll tell you about the young girl who got a chance to do something to the first lady
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that most grown ups will never do. lindsay, what's ahead in sports? >> the capitals are developing chemistry very fast. also, the nfl owners and players' union working overtime. and redskins player players' union working overtime. and redskins player the network.ay ]
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today, newt gingrich took a step toward testing the waters for a possible run in the 2012 presidential race. gingrich is a republican political analyst and a former congressman from georgia who rose through the ranks 17 years ago to become speaker of the house. >> we are today establishing a websi website, newt explore >> despite the name of the website, newt gingrich stopped short of forming an exploratory committee which would have allowed him to begin raising money. his aides say the delay gives him time to work out some of his business interests before becoming a candidate. a muslim college student from california says easy suing the u.s. government after mechanics found an fbi tracking device on his car. 20-year-old yasir says a mechanic found it during a
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tunup. he says fbi agents knocked on his door and allegedly threatened him with charges if he didn't give the device back. now he's suing the fbi for violating his constitutional rights. according to cnn, the fbi has no comment on the lawsuit. protests against budget cuts in new york state landed more than a dozen people in handcuffs today. police arrested 15 people who had showed up at the statehouse in albany. they argued the governor andrew cuomo is cutting social services for the poor and providing tax breaks for the rich some demonstrators blocked stairs and hallways. they were taken into custody. a short time ago the nfl and the nfl players' association agreed to a 24-hour extension of the negotiating window for a new collective bargaining agreement. jay gray has the latest on a lockout that is still not out of the question. >> reporter: the main sticking point is, of course, money.
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owners looking to double the billion dollars they currently take off the top of league revenues to cover operational costs, stadium construction and other items. >> this agreement needs to be addressed so that we can make the kinds of investments that we can to grow this game. >> reporter: last year, the nfl made about $9 billion in large part, the players say, because of their work on the field. >> the undeniable fact is that the share of all revenue that has gone to players since '06 has gone down. >> reporter: frustration over the fight goes all the way to the white house now. >> i'm a big football fan. but i also think that for an industry that's making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up. >> reporter: until they do, the hugh losers in the game will clearly be the fans, forced to now wory if there will be a next season. jay gray, nbc news. >> and we'll have more on the
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nfl's agreement to a 24-hour extension. we'll also hear reaction from some of the redskins in our sports report in about half an hour. the fate of same-sex marriage in maryland remains in question tonight after two delegates delayed the vote this past tuesday. another vote on the bill has been scheduled for today. and as chris gordon reports now, our prince george's couy delegate could make or break the passage of this bill. >> reporter: maryland delegate tiffany alston of prince george's county is a freshman with just 48 days of experience. yet the fate of maryland's same sex marriage bill could be determined by the decision she must make. >> and in representing the people that sent us here, i have to take into consideration what they want and what they're telling me. and i'm getting a lot of feedback from both sides of this issue. and so, you know, i need time to process and hear what they're saying and come up with what's going to be best. >> reporter: maryland's same-sex marriage bill, which passed the senate last week, could now be delayed or derailed. here in the house of delegates.
6:18 pm
delegate alston is one of 12 co sponsors of the bill to legalize gay marriage in the house judiciary committee. with 12 votes, the committee could pass the bill and send it on to the full house of delegates. but earlier this week, delegate alston was one of two who skipped a committee meeting when the vote could have been taken. and now she may want to propose an amendment to the bill. >> marriage has traditionally been a religious institution. i believe what we should do is issue something that is the same for everybody. and i think if we wanted to issue a license to everybody and call it something like a civil union license and then everybody in the state, whether they're heterosexual or homo sexual would get the same exact license. >> reporter: sponsors of the gay marriage bill say an amendment to legalize civil unions won't fly. >> my intention is to vote for the same-sex marriage, period. >> reporter: committee opponents of same-sex marriage may try another tactic, to derail a vote on the bill.
6:19 pm
>> would you walk out hike in wisconsin? >> you know, we could certainly walk out. but i can assure you that the chairman is not going to hold up the vote, waiting for republicans to show back up in the room. >> reporter: in annapolis, chris gordon, news4. the maryland house judiciary committee could vote on the bill as early as tonight or tomorrow. coming up tonight, a prestigious university caught in a scandal involving a live sex act performed for students. >> there could be some dangerous side effects for americans who are losing sleep. and there's a storm coming up over the weekend. doug will tell students are
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having sex. the centers for disease control and prevention report 15 to 24-year-olds who have some kind of sex dropped from 78% to 72%. those numbers are from the past decade. the center says the decline is small, but significant. a third of all the adults in this country are not getting enough sleep. and it could be affecting their ability to concentrate. va news comes from a study released today by the there's for disease control. the cdc says americans need at least nine hours of sleep every night, they say. but 35% of those surveyed slept less than seven. that lack of sleep often led to
6:23 pm
difficulty concentrating and remembering things. some people even admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. the cdc says you can blame the lack of sleep on all of the new high-tech began et cetera gadgets out there. do you know anybody that sleeps nine hours? >> i was just thinking -- a teenage e maybe. >> well, maybe a teenage e but that's about it. >> much of it being during the day. >> right. but i don't know anybody. >> can you imagine sleeping nine hours? >> wait, i can imagine it. >> it would be nice. >> i can imagine. >> anyway. beautiful sunshine out there today. a little colder. >> temperatures today a lot colder. 64 degrees, a spectacular afternoon. today, looked a lot like yesterday, but then you walked outside, and you felt the difference. out there right now, the cold air still settling on in here. temperatures today only got up to about 41 degrees for a high temperature. that was at the airport. our average high is around 50
6:24 pm
degrees. so we were 23 degrees cooler today than we were yesterday. we saw the same amount of sunshine, the bright blue skies, just that cold air was coming down from the north. and it kept us on the cool side all day long. right now, 37. right now, the d.c. area, wind out of the east at 14 miles per hour. we're going to start to see this into the day tomorrow and that's going to create wind chills. wind chills down below freezing temperatures, 34 in frederick, 37 in sterling, 36 in manassas, and 40 towards fredricksburg. now, here's where the cold air is. across the northeast. 37 here, 31 in new york. 7 in caribou, maine. that's the little pocket of cold air that came through overnight last night and was sitting on top of us today. but here's the air that we want to make its way our way. it's 50 in cincinnati right now, 60 in st. louis. 70 in memphis, and some of the warmer air will work into the region over the next 24 to 48 hours, ahead of a very potent and strong storm system that we're going to have to watch closely.
6:25 pm
first off, the area of high pressure that brought the area of cold air. that's going to slide off, so one more cold night and as the high exits, we start to see the mild air return as we get a south to southeast wind, with a high near 50. much warmer during the day saturday as this cold front comes ever closer to the region. i do think we'll see a slight chance of a shower during the day on saturday, but most will be to the west. back into the mountains, back into west virginia, back towards the blue ridge and maybe western portions of maryland, as well. but most locations should get in the upper 60s, some areas near 60s with the cloud cover. then the front comes through and as the jet stream makes a dip, this is where it is now, creating that cold air. but as it dips further down to the south, out to our west, it's going to bring up a lot of moisture out of the gulf of mexico, out of the atlantic ocean, and i think we have the potential to see well over an inch of rain. some computer models actually giving us 1 to 2 inches of rain. and that's a lot of rain coming in a one-day period. so we could see some fairly heavy rain, as well, as that
6:26 pm
area of low pressure tracks to our north and west. but it is more of a springlike storm as all of this will be rain. no threat right now of any kind of wintry precipitation, at least on sunday. a few high clouds this evening, a chilly evening. 36 to say 33 degrees as we continue to drop down tonight. tomorrow morning, high clouds. and i think we're going to be seeing those high clouds through the day tomorrow, probably through the day on saturday as well. a cold start tomorrow, 21 to 29 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, the high clouds remain. warmer temperatures, but still cool, 47 to 51. so you still need the light jacket, but at least you can put away the heavy coat for a little while. as we make our way through the day saturday, high temperature back to armed 57 degrees. 30% chance of a shower late in the day, but i think those will be to our west. on sunday, that's the day where we see the rain. high temperature of 54. but we could see falling temperatures during the day on sunday with some of that heavy rain. monday right now, i've got partly cloudy. there are a couple models that want to keep that rain early on monday, but right now, we're being optimistic and saying most of monday will be on the dry
6:27 pm
side. as we head into the extended outlook, temperatures back into the 50s as another potential big rain maker moves in for the day on thursday, as well. but at least we're looking at more of a springlike storms this time instead of wintertime storms. >> we like the sound of that. thank you, doug. come up, the navy's report is complete. learn the conclusion of the scandal over raunchy videos aboard the "uss enterprise." there's an effort to stop those random bag searches on metro. the university of man is taking a stand after women were charged in a sorority hazing incident. in sports, the redskins sign a free agent before the deadline. also, what the head of the players' union, de morris smith, ♪
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german officials say the suspect in that deadly frankfurt airport shooting confessed that he was targeting u.s. service members. two airmen were killed, including airman first class zachary cutterback from the charlottesville area. kevin ricks, a former manassas school teacher, pleaded guilty today to seven child pornography charges. an investigation showed he assaulted do dozens of boys over three decades, including children in virginia, maryland and abroad. he faces a 25-year prison
6:31 pm
sentence. the national park service is predicting that the cherry blossoms over the tide al basin will peek just a bit earlier this year, between march 29th and april 3rd. the cherry blossom festival is set to kick off on march 26th. random bag searches on the metro system may be challenged in court. >> aclu chapters in maryland, the district and virginia say the bag searches invade the privacy of riders and do little good. >> when you hear the chimes indicating -- >> reporter: there are hundreds of thousands of metro passengers every day in the sprawling metro system. now the aclu chapters of maryland, virginia and the district are preparing a lawsuit over the passenger searches. >> and when you impinge upon the bill of rights in the constitution, the aclu and its coalition partners will respond. >> to put an end to this expensive and ineffective and
6:32 pm
invasive policy of searching innocent metro riders. >> reporter: the aclu says they have tried since last year to meet with metro officials to discuss the bag searches, and find acceptable ways of doing them. but metro has rebuffed their efforts. >> this isn't a matter of sacrificing a little privacy for increased security. this is security theater. it doesn't do anything to actually improve security. >> reporter: but after the aclu news conference, metro told nbc 4 that the transit company will schedule a meeting with the aclu. metro has about 450 police officers. the aclu and others contend those officers should focus more on crimes and violence in and around metro. and views of the metro bag searches that began last year and defended as a way to disrupt terrorists certainly draw mixed reviews. >> i've experienced it in new york, which is where it started. and i think if it's for all our
6:33 pm
safety, why not? >> unless you have a reason to stop me and search me, you shouldn't be able to do that. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. the aclu and metro officials were talking late today about when they might meet, and what would be discussed. we have just found out about the consequences some navy officials will face for lewd videos that were broadcast aboard the norfolk-based "uss enterprise." the videos surfaced publicly in january, and navy investigation determined those videos included 25 inappropriate scenes. an admiral is recommending censure letters for three supervisors on the "speaker enterprise." the officers may have to justify why they should be allowed to remain in the navy. captain owen honors has already been removed from his command. a popular sorority at the university of maryland has been accused of hazing a pledge at the school. and today some members went
6:34 pm
before a judge for the first time. pat collins reports. >> reporter: sorority sisters from zeta phi beta. this is what they're saying on campus. >> i think it's ridiculous. i don't think anyone should have to go through such serious embarrassment, just to become a part of a group. >> i'm very happy that it was caught and that they are doing something about it. >> i think they deserve whatever punishment that's going to come their way. >> at a prince george's county courthouse today, some of those sorority sisters officially charged in this incident. the sorority, zeta phi beta, an historically african-american organization, at the university of maryland. according to court documents, a pledge told police that inside some apartments off campus, seven sorority sisters pushed,
6:35 pm
punched &, threw her around, and struck her in the back side with an oak paddle. acts of hazing against the law in prince george's county. against the rules at the university of maryland. hear now from matt supple, the director of fraternity and sorority life. >> we have no tolerance for hazing at the university of maryland. the university defines it as anything that's physically, emotionally or psychologically damaging. >> reporter: james pipe papermeister is an attorney for one of the women charged. he says his client is innocent. >> the idea of hazing is ab orient to her, something she completely does not subscribe to in any way. what happened to the alleged victim, we're not sure. i know that she did not do it. >> reporter: so what happens now? well, the state's attorney will review all of the evidence and
6:36 pm
then decide whether or not to take these sorority sisters to trial. i'm pat collins, news4, prince george's county. >> the zeta phi beta sorority has been suspended at the campus, pending outcome. northwestern university says it will fully investigate a class that involved a live sex act demonstration. last month, a man used a sex toy on a woman while more than 100 students watched. the demonstration was part of the human sexuality course at northwestern. the professor said the event was held after the class, and students were not required to attend. but the president of the university released a statement saying the innocent represented extremely poor judgment. we are told the people who took part in the demonstration were not students. coming up tonight, a young girl from maryland had the chance of a lifetime during a special event with the first lady. and conflicts around the world continue to cause gas prices here at home to soar. i'm john schriffen.
6:37 pm
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hello, everybody and welcome back. we saw a lot of sunshine during the day today, but the temperatures really did not respond to that sun. a high temperature today of only 41 degrees.
6:40 pm
37 outside right now with winds out of the east at 14 miles per hour. not a lot of wind around there. really, the airports, the only place reporting winds over 10 miles per hour right now. but that brings the wind chill down to 28. down towards andrews air force base, the wind chill is 25 degrees, 30 in manassas. it's going to be a chilly evening overnight tonight. low temperatures down into the 20s for just about everybody. look for 25 in frederick, around 24 in warrenton, down to the south around 28 in fredricksburg. la ray, a low temperature around 23 degrees. warming up tomorrow to about 49. and most locations should be in the mid to upper 40s, if not reaching the 50 degree mark with some hazy sunshine as we do get plenty of high clouds tomorrow. you may be able to put away the heavy coats, but get out the umbrellas. you're going to need them. i'll have the full forecast in a little while. dorene? >> thank you, doug. a 9-year-old girl from maryland got the chance to do something most people will never do. she shushed the first lady. michelle obama. >> now, tennis is sized just
6:41 pm
right for kids. >> now it's easier than ever to play an hour a day, every day. >> shhh. >> it was all part of a scripted promotion for mrs. obama's let's move campaign. i bet that was fun. >> can you imagine? >> aelectiona orlando from frederick, maryland took part in that television promotion. it also featured andre agassi and steffi graf. alexa's mother said they didn't know the first lady would be involved until the night before the tv shoot. not enough time to get really good and nervous. >> how would you like to have the first lady at your ball game? or calling the lines or whatever. >> nerve-racking, i would think. >> you don't scream at her. >> i would say nerve-racking is the way to describe the talks between the nfl and the players' association. there is an extension. we'll tell you about it coming up. also, the redskins' player representative vonnie holliday explains why players aren't too
6:42 pm
happy. and the capitals scoring happy. and the capitals scoring early and more af ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus.
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♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily.
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it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. they're going to give themselves a little more time. >> the bottom line is anything could still happen, but we know as of right now, we don't know there will be a lockout for sure. so the hope is that people out there can till remain optimistic, don't know how long that will last. >> 24 hours. >> maybe. the nfl and nfl players association have agreed on a 24-hour extension, meaning the deadline is now 11:59 tomorrow
6:45 pm
night. the nfl players' union did not discertify. the union would have had to have made that move by 5:00. decertification would have allowed players to file antitrust lawsuits against owners. the sides met today over issues, including how to divide $9 billion in revenues, and a longer regular season schedule and rookie wages. the reports are the reason for the extension is to decide an even longer extension. as one player told me, the two sides haven't talked about major issues. today nfl players association president demaurice smith spoke upon leaving the mediation session this afternoon. >> for all our fans who dig our game, we appreciate your patience as we work through this. we're going to keep working. we want to play football. >> not a long statement, but players did have some more to say. redskins' defensive end and nfl player rep vonnie holliday told us the two sides are not in the same ballpark.
6:46 pm
there are issues that the two sides haven't even started to discuss. holiday said the player reps were supposed to have a conferen conference called today at 1:00. it was pushed back and the call never happened. i asked vonnie holliday what he thinks could be plushed with the 24-hour extension. >> i'm hoping they pull a rabbit out of the hat and they get something done. but i think -- i speak on behalf of most of the guys and most of the players when i say that i don't see this deal getting done in 24 hours. we have not received anything in writing from the owners, and in the form of a proposal, something for the reps and the board to even discuss or talk about. so like i said, 24 hours is a long time, but i'm not exactly sure what they're going to be able to give to us in that amount of time. >> there have been reports from some people that possibly that 24-hour period would be used to decide upon an even longer extension, but you mentioned having not discussed much when i talked to you earlier, you said
6:47 pm
you weren't necessarily even in the same ballpark. what has been discussed between these two sides, vonny? >> we talked about a rookie wage scale. that's been talked about quite a bit. as it relates to the 18-game season, the 18% roll back, some of the bigger issues we have not talked about as well. and that's why i say we're in the in the same ballpark. now, if something happened in that meeting room today over the last three or four hours that -- as a board member i'm not privy to yet, that could have happened. but so far, with the only things we have been able to agree upon has been that we agree that a rookie wage scale needs to be in place. >> meetings will resume tomorrow. we should mention, there are so many things these former players are also thinking about, because once a lockout would occur, they could have no contact with the teams, they can't even talk to the nfl network. so there are a lot of people involved with those teams that aren't players on the field that have no idea what their current future will be. >> that's not a comfortable
6:48 pm
position to be in. >> so much on the line. >> and because of a possible lockout, teams are making moves as fast as possible. that includes the redskins. today the team signed a five-year deal with safety atagwa. oj spent the last six seasons with the rams. he played for redskins' defensive coordinator haslette. the st. louis blues are kind of like disgruntled relatives. they don't know much about them, because they don't make the trip here. this is their third trip here in the last six years that the blues are coming to verizon center. when the caps host the blues tonight, it will be the second time they can introduce their new players to the d.c. faithful, the chemistry is certainly building, but the caps know, they have to pick up the early scoring. the capitals come off of that 2-1 overtime win over the islanders. and with alex ovechkin, reminded the crowd just how electric he can be in overtime. it was the sixth time this season the caps have come back to win after trailing 40 minutes into regulation.
6:49 pm
well, the past two games, it's been brooks like scoring first for the caps. but as for his goal tuesday, he credited quick chemistry with jason arnett, one minute left in regulation was a little too close for comfort. >> i'm not trying to do it. i'm trying to do it earlier. but i think a key for us tonight is to score early. this is maybe a fragile team. they got beat 6-0 in their last game, so they're going to try and come out early and come out hard. if we can push them back early and get a goal or two and make them come from behind, that will probably play into our hands a little bit. it's nice to chip in. i think that's my job. so, you know, i play on both sides of the puck. but obviously, offense is a part of my job. so if you can sort of spark the team, you know, and -- it's a 0-0 game, and spark the team in any -- we get one goal, then it seems to energize the team, and then you see what olby does in overtime, and nikki, the way he
6:50 pm
habilitat handles the puck. >> with a win tonight, michael know avert, the capitals goaltender will set a record with 21 wins as a rookie. a win with would also give them a winning streak in over two months. nick young hit a basket that brought the wizards from a 20-point deficit to within one with just under seven seconds to go. but it wasn't enough. the wizards narrowly missed a chance to snap their six-game losing streak. ran randy witman was filling in. josh howard turns it over. the warriors take it in transition. ellis lobs it for wright for the dunk. 15 seconds to go in the game. the wizards down by four. booker gets the offensive rebound. he chucks it to nick young. watch this, young from the bottom of your screen for the long three. that's good. and the wizards were down by
6:51 pm
just one. they felt a victory within their reach. then, six seconds to go, the wizards down by three. nick young for the tie. off the mark. that's it. young had 31, not enough. the wizards lose 106-102. down a level. gary williams and the maryland terps on the road in miami last night. first half, top of your screen, brown hits the three. cliff tucker fouls him. a four-point play for the hurricanes. miami up 40-27 at the break. second half, back himself cost maryland off the miss, freshman terrell skoglund gets the ball, all the way to the basket with the scoop shot and the foul. part of a 15-3 terps run. skoglund had a team high. tucker turns it over, durnd scott gets the ball. he takes it down. gets the layup, and won. maryland loses 80-66. the terms fall to 18 and 12 overall. 7 and 8 in the acc. that spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e. >> at least they had a better
6:52 pm
season. >> absolutely. >> thanks, lindsay. coming up, the strategy behind getting the best deal at the gas pump. >> and for all your news, we invite you to follow news4 online. invite you to follow news4 online. j[ the network.n a living, breathing intelligence
6:53 pm
that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed most. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ♪ in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities. in here, medical history is brought to life... so doctors can see a patient's medical records -- even if they're away from home. it's more than advanced technology. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible.
6:54 pm
the price of a gallon of gas has now gone above $4 in some parts of our area.
6:55 pm
local averages are well below that. but prices are still climbing, up to 3.51 a gallon on average in d.c. $3.40 in maryland and $3.43 in virginia. john schriffen has a look at where prices are even higher and how to get more for your money. >> reporter: if you've driven in the district along rock creek parkway, you may have noticed one of the most expensive gas stations in our area. this exxon in virginia is $4.55 a gallon. >> that's outrageous. that's -- 5 dollar bill for a gallon of gas. that's crazy. >> reporter: but recently, other gas stations have been giving a new name to competition. for regular gas per gallon, we found prices at $3.79 and $3.85. if i shell, if you want diesel, 4 bucks per gallon. >> it's taking money out of my pocket to put it into the gas tank. but you have to get around, so
6:56 pm
you need the gas and especially where we live, no other form of transportation so you have to put it in the car. >> reporter: in silver spring, closer to the average in maryland. but rarldless where you live, be ready for prices at the pump to continue to climb. >> you can expect prices to go to the second highest level in american history. >> reporter: which would be? >> $3.75, $3.80 and god forbid, $4 a gallon. >> reporter: so if you have to drive, what can you do to save money? aaa mid atlantic says try and gas up early in the week on monday or tuesday, when gas is traditionally the cheapest. to make your tank last longer, don't drive above 60 miles per hour. and when you do get behind the wheel, try and consolidate your trips. some drivers are now beginning to cut back on other things. >> i smoke less cigarettes, which i guess is a good thing. >> reporter: so when can we expect prices to come back down? aaa mid atlantic says it's hard to tell. because oil investors are acting out of fear that the crisis in libya could spread to saudi
6:57 pm
arabia. but aaa says the only way to truly counteract the problem is to either stop driving or for the u.s. government to invest more money in other forms of energy. in northwest d.c., john schriffen, news4. >> aaa says drivers nationwide spent nearly $34 billion on gasoline and diesel fuel in february area. it expects americans to spend the same if not more in march. coming up tonight at 11:00, nurses at washington's largest hospital are just a few hours away from walking off the job. also, a local family's fight to keep a convicted killer behind bars. and we'll see how some businesses are reaching out to their customers and solving their complaints in 140 characters or less. let's get a final check on our weather forecast. of doug? >> and we have been on a little bit of a temperature roller coaster. now it's going to be dry or are we wet the next couple days. and i think most of the next few days will be on the dry side.
6:58 pm
a pretty nice friday, saturday and then the rain moves in. 50 degrees, at least we warm up tomorrow, to around 50 degrees. it will be a little bit on the breezy side the next couple days. outside right now, the winds kicking up. 57 on your saturday. some areas near 60. most of the day, i think, on saturday will be dry. but do expect some showers around the 4:00 or 5:00 hour. then on sunday, an all-day rain. i think we could see anywhere between 1 and maybe inches of rain in some locations. a very rainy day sunday. also, rather breezy, and the temperatures could be falling during the day. on monday, temperatures down to 46 degrees. we will see sunshine in the afternoon and it does look like a lot more sunshine on tuesday. and then we start to see another storm as we told you yesterday -- apart from each other. a storm as well. so expect a lot from that one, as well. >> sunday could be the day to take care of income tax stuff. >> i guess so. laughter is contagious. we know that.
6:59 pm
tonight we have proof that's founded on -- it's a baby in st. louis, missouri that's a youtube sensation because of his giggle. [ laughter ] >> is that not the most precious, delightful sound? on earth? that's mika mccarthur, he was 8 months old at the time. his daddy is unemployed, so he ripped up a rejection letter, and mika loved it. then he started ripping up credit card statements, and the kid went wild. the actress alyssa milan owe treated about it, and it went viral. there is word mika's dad my make an appearance tomorrow on the "today" show.

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